Edited Productions
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Edited Productions

Peanut Crawley has many years experience in television production.  The video cameras and equipment we use are the same used to produce television shows.

Your edited event will be of the highest quality and not look as if Uncle Harry did it.

We  own our equipment and this saves you money.  You should  always check what the videographer is using for cameras and editing equipment.

Peanut Crawley will see that you have the best shots and the best edit job available.  Check the market to see if we have a good reputation and a fair price.  Our quality is always the highest on the market.

Need more reasons?

  1. We give you the production on DVD format.
  2. You dream up something to shoot and we'll try it. We call it a positive attitude and we have a good one.
  3. We visit the site prior to shooting or we show up early enough to get a feel for what's about to happen. This eliminates surprises, which can ruin a video production.
  4. We do our best to make sure you look good on tape so we'll look good to other clients.

Give us a try one time and let our productions speak for us!